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Lola Bunny - Space Jam

My girlfriend Jacquelynn has been getting ready for DragonCon and just finished her Lola Bunny cosplay from the movie SpaceJam. So last night she did a test run of her makeup and we decided to do a portrait which then turned into rearranging the furniture and general mayhem ensued in the living room as i pulled everything out of my cabinets.

I recently purchased a Mamiya Credo 40 digital medium format back from Scott Stebner (who is a really friendly and talented fellow btw) and using some of my 645AFD glass i still had around i've been acquainting myself with the Credo files and the (sometimes not so) subtle differences between them and my Hasselblad CFV / Nikon D810 files.

Skipping ahead to the photo:

I use Einstein e640 strobes since I have a bit of a tendency to use 5+ strobes per shot and their light quality and technical support is amazing. Plus spares and redundancy is vital to me and they give me 3 different options for triggering and all the strobes I could want.

The Credo files really are something else. I am very happy with my D810 these days and apart from Nikon's less than stellar (frustrating) tilt shift lenses (go Schneider!) and I use them for the bulk of my work. After using this back for a while I think i'll be using it for portraits going forward.


Credo 40 digital medium format back

150mm Mamiya

5 x Paul C Buff Einsteins E640

2 x gridded stripboxes 3/4 back

1 x giant softbox fill

1 x silver beauty dish socked for key

1 x reflector to round out the catchlights and add some kick from below.

1 x Old leather couch

1 x wall i've been meaning to paint.


Capture One, Photoshop CC

Ok, that is enough ranting to the aether for one day. If things ever slow down I may try to catch up on my back log of recent work and update my site.

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