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Testing my new custom built LED video lights -Raw footage set to Daylight WB

This is an improvised test of the new LED lights. Pretty much just gave him a cookbook and asked him to read me an excerpt.

The main 140W panel is of my own design and the two rear lights are highly moddified 100W Arri knock offs. The main panel can hold it's own against a $4500 Kinoflo Celebrity LED panel and even beat it for power slightly.

I am pretty happy with the results, very little color shift and perfect for some commercial video and photography projects I have coming up in Charlotte. These are whitebalanced to 5600K and have a CRI of 93+ with very good spectrum coverage. Making for great skin tones in interviews, product shots, portraits, and video catalogs. I am especially excited about some industrial training videos and product demonstrations we will be filming soon.

I probably need to add video work to this website.

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